Double French Door Set
Vintage Garage Doors
 60" X 84"  $4250-
 30" X 80"  $695-
 26 1/4" wide X 84" (individual door)  $2695/ pair
 42" X 86 1/2"  $1395-  Matching screen door sold separately 
 42" X 86 1/2"  $595-  Matching door sold separately 
 2 sizes available:  26" X 86" and 26 1/2" X 83 1/2"  $595 each
 27" X 85"  $795/ pair
 21" X 77 1/2"  $695/ pair
Pair Antique Heavy Brass Bank Doors
Triple French Door Set
Pair Blonde Oak Doors
Mahogany Office Door w/Sidelights
Pair Antique Sidelights
SOLD Antique Douglas Fir Entry Door
Antique 3/4 Glass Entry Door
Oversized 6-Panel Entry Door
Victorian 5-Panel Door
Dark Stained Mission Entry Door
Selection of Beadboard & V Match Camp Doors
5-Panel Interior Doors
Vintage 2-Panel Doors
Early 4-Panel Doors
Natural 5-Panel Door
Natural Finish Stained 4-Panel Door
Natural Varnished 4-Panel Door
Solid Oak Interior Door
Solid Oak Entry Door
Solid Oak 4 Panel Door
Greek Revival Style Door
 24" X 77 7/8"; 1 1/4" thick  2 Pairs available  $295-
Antique Over Sized Porch Door
Unusual Folky Door
Vintage 1950's  "V Match" Dutch Interior Door
Folky Half Log Camp Door with Window
Vintage Colonial Style Entry Door
French Doors - 15 light
Pair Matched Bulkhead Doors
Pair Crusty Large Carriage House Doors
Antique Office Door with Privacy Glass
Colonial Style Paneled Entry Door in Jamb
Antique "Queen Anne" or "Cottage Style" Entry Door Pair
15 Light French Door Pair
Pair Small Carriage House Doors
Antique English Pine Entry Door
Antique Office Door with Privacy Glass
Antique Oversized Paneled Door
Antique Steel Clad Fire Door with Chicken Wire Glass
Antique Entry Door with Oval Window
Antique 15 Light French Door
Modern Barn Door with 8 Light Window
Pair Antique Entry Doors
Oversized 6 panel Antique Interior Door
Oversized 4 Panel Antique Interior Door
Oversized 4 Panel Interior Door
 29 3/4" X 101"; 2" thick
 29 1/2" X 88 3/8"; 1 3/4" thick
Pair Antique Office Doors
Pair "V Match" Barn or Shed Doors
Oversized 5 Panel Interior Door
Antique 3 Panel Door
Oversized Screen Door
Yellow Painted 6 Panel Colonial Style Entry Door
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