Faceted Glass Doorknobs
Brown Bennington-Style Doorknobs
Brass Center Knob and Rosette
White Bennington-Style Doorknobs
Vintage Galvanized Cleats
Black Bennington-Style Doorknobs
Russell & Erwin Interior Doorknob Sets
Door Knob Sets
Antique Mortise Lock Sets
Early Cast Iron Hinges
Antique Eastlake-Style Coat hooks
Antique Door Knockers
Antique & Modern Shelf Brackets
Antique Spring-loaded Screen Door Hinges
Small Antique Mortise Door Latches
Circa 1920's Solid Brass Yale Doorknob Sets
Cabinet Hinges
House Numbers and Letters
Skeleton & Barrel Keys
Antique Eastlake Back Plates
Art Deco-style Back Plates
Antique & Modern Strike Plates
Antique & Vintage Cabinet Latches
Antique Sash Lifts
Antique & Vintage Sash Locks
Mortised Door Bolts
Door Slide Bolts
Antique & Modern Doorknob Spindles
Iron Brackets
Cast Iron Railing Brackets
Porcelain Knobs
Wooden Knobs
Modern Glass Cabinet and Drawer Pulls
 $35 each
 $300 for set of 4 (not sold separately)
Set of (12) Matching 1920's - 30's Glass Door Knob Sets
Sand cast brass door handles.
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