Revigator radium infused water cooler
Over-sized Brass Curtain Rods
Antique ball and claw furniture feet
Prentiss Vise
Embossed Leather Suitcases
Oak Corbels
Mid Century Plaster Bas Relief
Pair Antique Japanese Bronze Vases
Antique hand built Doll House
Movie poster
Large Cast Iron Horse Head
Double sided Carom game board
Spinning Game Wheel
Antique Cast Iron Window Grilles
Vintage radio controlled boat
Vintage metal parts bins
Vintage Popcorn Machine
French Victorian Gilded Over Mantel Mirror
Vintage Pool Balls and Rack
Old Gold Cigarette store advertising sign
Antique Steel Window Frames
Antique Cast Iron Machine Legs
Retro Tin Letters
Pr. Antique Cast Iron Machine Legs
WWI "Bacon Tins" or Ration Tins
Antique Reverse Painted Int'l Hosiery Sign
Antique Shaker Sap Buckets
Wall Mounted Ship's figurehead of a  Mermaid
Antique Division Office Sign
Antique Wood Crates
Antique Herman Kohlbusch Diamond Balance Scale
Antique Galvanized Grape or Olive Buckets
Antique Oak Bakery Case
Vintage Sign "Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima"
The Dean Electric Co. Telephone Apparatus
Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries Vintage Poster
circa 1920 Antique Cashiers Sign
Victorian Walnut Headboard
Hand Carved Standing Wooden Mermaid
Kenco Machine Legs
Steel Hammerhead Shark
Mid Century Bas Relief
Westport Island Sign
Recycled Rubber Bucket
Hungarian Goulash Buckets
Manning Bowman Industrial Fan
Architectural Building Stars
Vintage Tin Chesterfield Cigarette Sign
Vintage Cowboy Boots
Cider Press
Lollipop Crates
Men Working Sign
Vintage Blue Ball Mason Jars
Wall Mounted Deer Head
machine legs.JPG
Mounted Antique Wheels & Pulley Wheels
Antique Glass Net Floats
Vintage Clam Baskets
Vintage "Chocolate Soldier" Crates
 $18 each
Pair of Alligator Skin Suitcases
Vintage Bottles
Vintage Cameras and Accessories
 $135 each
 $10 - $12 each
print trays.jpg
glass balls.jpg
SOLD!! Vintage Movie Posters
wood forms.jpg
 19 1/2" X 61 1/4"  $595-
Vintage Bradford Jr. Coin Operated Scale
 58" X 27 3/4"
Pair of 1961 Apache Signal Lights
Variety of Antique Wooden Dough Bowls
 39 1/2" X 40"
Nautical and International Flags
Antique Reproduction Cage Doll
 35 1/2" X 25 1/2"; 23" tall  $195-
 43 1/2" wide X 35" tall  $625-
SOLD!!   Antique Salesman Sample Ash Dresser with Mirror
 26" wide X 25" tall  $75-
 41 1/2" X 20 1/2"
SOLD! 1940's Chrome Buick Grille
SOLD Tin Fertilizer Sign
SOLD 1930's Neon "Rugs" Sign
SOLD Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantel Clock
SOLD! "Wedding"
SOLD "Tavern"
SOLD! Vintage Full-Figured Cross-Legged Indian
SOLD "Hemmingway's FAMOUS Crab Shack"
SOLD Vintage Cigarette Machine
SOLD! Dress Form
SOLD WWII Era Wood 58mm Shell Boxes
SOLD! Military Metal Trunk
SOLD! Hand Painted Diner Sign
SOLD! Unusual Porcelain Enameled National Biscuit Co.; "Uneeda Biscuit" Vented Sample Box
SOLD! Hand Painted Psych Ward Sign
SOLD! Vintage Wooden Toboggan
 SOLD!!GOP Elephant
SOLD!!Patriots Sign
 SOLD!!Porthole Mirror
SOLD !!Cleveland Art "Root" Console Table
Natural Tupelo Wood
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